Hidden Beauty of Tbilisi


Old Tbilisi districts with balconies , cosy courtyards , staircases and richly decorated European style facades surprises even old dwellers of Tbilisi. Without local guide you will never know that additional treasures are held inside the enrtyways of Art Nouveau buildings. Art Nouveau - decorative architecture movement flourished in Europe by the late 18th and early 19th centuries and arrived in Georgia from Europe by the Black sea and from Russia.

This style was called modern in My country and was so popular , that was used not only in the construction of new building , but also in reconstructions .I will show you some unknown places and tell you unknown stories and urban legends about buildings , Their owners and so on. This walking tours goes behind newly built and renovated buildings. So, follow me and I will tell you why Tbilisians moved their signature wooden balconies from the outside of their homes to the inner courtyards? Who was German chemist Zemmmel and why the richest man In Tbilisi used wine to build his house? Our tour takes about 4 hours depends on our speed.

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